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Do not do business with Reputation Express. They also answer Reputation companies.

They are a scam and a sham. You may encounter Jeff Panell who poses as Vice President of what he claimed to be a big reputable company. Butthey neither have a website or an office. They claim to be the number company but work from someone' house and will not deliver.

I LOST #4,000 USD. This company and Mr Jeff Panell whose actual job is sales sons people. They prey on people and trun bitter when you discover their tricks.



Review about: Reputation Management.

Monetary Loss: $4000.



I know what they do. He is even a molester too

Reputation Express -,, FRAUD, SCAM, BAD

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Scam Alert-Fraud Alert

Reputation Management Experts

Remove Scam

Remove - Ripoff - Report

Online Reputation Experts

Reputation Express

Many others.

The above mentioned companies are all the same company. This scam outfit has multiple websites on the internet for reputation management. They do not remove negative blogs for reputation repair and outsource their work overseas.

What makes these companies scams and fraudulent? If you contact these companies and do not purchase their "services", you will find more negative blogs about you. Contact Reputation Express for reputation repair and you do not go with them, expect your reputation to be completely destroyed.

Furthermore, this company(ies) sets up false customer profiles, blog negatives about the fraudulent profile, use that information to contact legitimate reputation management companies to request bogus services, then Reputation Express/Online Reputation Experts/et al, goes out on the internet and posts negative blogs about their competitors. Sleazy, unprofessional, fraudulent, scam. The dba's they do business under include: Reputation Management Experts, Remove Scam, Remove-Ripoff-Report, Online Reputation Experts, Reputation Express. Their domains are:

All these sites have the exact same information and are ran by the same individuals.

If these fraudulent business practices of posting false blogs about consumers and other competitors continues, then we are going to have to step things up a notch. Do not throw rocks if you live in glass houses and know your enemy before you go to war.

Do not do business with Reputation Management Experts. If you contact these people, expect to be blogged if you don't buy.

Remove Scam

Remove - Ripoff - Report

Online Reputation Experts

Reputation Express

Review about: Online Reputation Experts.



I too received a fax from this company and suspected they were a rip-off, because they had my first name right, and last name wrong. I told my assistant they probably posted the blog about my business and wanted to charge ME to remove it.

Thank you folks for posting this about them.

I will also be contacting the AG's ofc. here in Texas.


I agree. i'm also a victim of this company.

this company should be ban from the indstury. I first paid my first payment and then second. but i have not see any work been done. when i refuse to paid 3rd payment.

they threat me to destroy my reputation online for my business. so i paid the 3rd payment cuz i'm scare and they disappear after all 3 payment made and done no work at all for me.

the company have contact of jeff scott, lisa, rita. beaware of this company


No worries we just meet with the austin DA they are going after all of his partners as well they even have his partner in panama under the gun.......


David I called you and left my number this guy Jeff needs to be stopped he is an extortionist and a crimnal I like the idea of going to the Texas Attorney General


These people are animals and threatened to destroy my business when they billed me if I refused to continue paying.

The review above is dead-on. Everything about this business screams "*** Artists."

Again, I was not even late on my first payment and they told me what they would do to me if I even thought about not paying. I was going to pay them too. This was too much of a RED FLAG for me---threatening and I am not even late.

Please call me if they have threatened you too. I am going to file a complaint with the Attorney Generals in California and Texads.

David Baron, (916) 927-7725

to DAVID BARON #735676

Hey David:

Please be careful leaving your phone number online. People can often find out where you live via reverse phone book info.

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